Sunday, August 16, 2015

Welcome to Kihnu

This is such a cliche but sometimes you just can`t stop to wonder how wonderful this country actually is. I had never been to Kihnu but this was definitely not my last time there. Can`t wait to go back there. Time just seems to stop on this island. You start to appreciate the little things, see the beauty in everything and just feel joy. What an amazing feeling it is just to cruise around the island on a bike, not a single worry in your mind, except thinkg "do we really have to eat again already!?" and thats where the worries end. Falling a sleep under an open window listening to the crickets (thats actually bad, a sign of summer ending, but nahh, I actually love it), waking up to the rooster (nahh, did`nt hear that really myself, I have never slept so good as I did there).
So a few shots to share with you... Maybe some of this amazing feeling will come through.

Loving the expressions of these beautiful women. Some local singing and dancing. I highly recommend Kuraga. For accommodation I recommend Kastani.

Beautiful doll-like houses all around the island.

Definitely recommended for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Kihnu Küek The food is amazing and the host herself is very friendly and welcoming.

Time just stops on this beautiful island...

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