Friday, August 14, 2015


Ahh, I don`t want this summer to end. It feels like we just got it and now it`s already slipping away. I`m definitely a summer girl, wearing dresses and light clothes and beautiful shoes and ahhh... I definitely don`t like the idea of wearing boots and a coat (although I found myself a perfect coat, not mine yet, but if it will be, you will love it, a true eyecatcher).
But as long as we still have summer, I swear, I will only wear dresses and you will not see me in long pants!
I know this dress would have looked better with heels but since I have managed to injure my toes in a very bad way, wearing nothing else but very comfortable shoes, is not an option.

Sunglasses: Vintage from Barcelona
Dress: Desire
Butterfly: KUMA


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    1. Sõbranna, kes on mulle ka fotograafi eest, elab seal kõrval majas :)