Friday, March 27, 2015


Now I do have time for blogging at the moment but I managed to get sick, so no new pictures possible. Not feeling like a million bucks right now. I don`t even remember the last time I had a real cough but all I seem to wanna do these days is cough my heart out. Not a good feeling. Anyhow, I just remembered I haven`t told you guys about my trip to the Dominican Republic, which yes, did happen almost a year ago, so as traveling posts are always interesting I can do that for you. And speaking of traveling... I am going to Barcelona soon! Yay! My first time there so I am super excited. But as for now... Since I take part in this market basically every time they do it I might as well say a few words. Plus, these are the closest I have to outfit photos at the moment. So Buduaar Market, for me it is the best place where to sell my clothes that no longer want to be with me. I know there are lot`s of other similar markets like this but I think I am just too lazy for the others. Buduaar always arranges everything perfectly, I just go there, sit, sell and mingle. Perfect! Plus, I do think this is one of the biggest of these kind of events, I would rather carry all my stuff there once/twice a year than go all to the other events several times a year. Lazy, just like I said. And if you are a shopper, lot`s of Estonian designer`s sell their stuff there, which for me is definitely the favourite part of going there. Plus with really reasonable prices. So, if you are thinking whether to go there or not, to sell or to buy, I would definitely say you should!
Have a great weekend and hopefully I will feel good enough to get something new on your way too!

"The crazy hat ladies"
Still in black as you can see, tried to spice up the outfit with this beautiful By Katriin headband, definitely an eye catcher.
Another eye catcher was my hat, which some of the girls wanted to buy straight from my head. I love it still too much to sell it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A few of my favourite things

Some of you may have seen these pictures already in Buduaar but as they have`nt been here yet... I don`t think my obsession for skirts like this will go away anytime soon! Already craving for more. And I love to pair things that you would`nt expect together. Like mixing this t-shirt with that skirt, got a lot of comments, many of them were positive and some did`nt like it at all. What do you guys think?

Jacket: Liina Stein
Bag: Tosca Blu
Skirt: Mohito
Boots: Brocoly

Friday, March 20, 2015


Soo... here I am, still no time. But, I know I`ve introduced her to you before too, but she recently came out with a bridal line and I had the honour of being the model... so ladies (and gentleman maybe) here is my wonderful and talented ByKatriin! So, beautiful brides around the world, if you have that special day coming up and the only thing missing is the perfect hair accessory, you know where to turn to. You can thank me later! :)
Photos by Tanel Teemusk and Stina Kase.

Friday, March 6, 2015

First of the 2015

Wow, it`s hard to get back on track. I`ve been planning to start blogging again for a while now (from the beginning of January to be exact), realising, you have to to what you really want to do in life. Those who think less of you, will do it anyway. But wow, once you get off the saddle.. But here I am, hoping to still have some of you here waiting for me :) And it feels kind of strange to do the "oh-what-2014-brought-me" and "the-best-of-2014" posts, so I`ll just skip them and start freshly. Plus those of you who want to, can keep up with me through Instagram, I swear I am a little bit better at updating there. Anyhow, it feels good to be back and have a great weekend!

Fedora: Aldo
Jacket: Ebene by Patrick Assuline
Belt: Morgan de toi
Pants: Amisu
Bag: Fiorelli
Boots: Högl