Tuesday, August 25, 2015


A good quick getaway. Must love Riga, a 4 hour drive (time flies when you are with these girls) and boom, you are there. Good restaurants, great shops, beautiful Old Town and friendly people. In my opinion the easieast getaway and the cheapest if you choose wisely. As for some recommendations... Definitely choose a hotel in the Old Town area, they are not expensive and some of them offer parking too. Restaurants to visit would be Riviera - great seafood, Biblioteka - good food and great atmosphere, Koya and Aqua Luna. 
Here are some shots taken with my phone, outfit photos will follow.
Great atmosphere at Sezona! Right in the Old Town and a very lovely place, definitely worth a visit.

Yes, that is one of the Liina Stein amazing dresses on me... Happy girl! Unfortunately I just forgot to take pictures that evening but I will fix that mistake soon hopefully.

The beautiful Aqua Luna. It turns into a lounge/bar/nightclub with a dj from 10pm. Great location overlooking the river.

Beautiful views overlooking from the rooftop of Galleria Riga. There is a restaurant called Gan Bei up there (they are actually all over Riga) and it turned out to be also one of our favourites.

Shisha at Aqua Luna, A robbery but a good one (50euros for one shisha is way too much in my opinion but at that moment we did`nt care because of the good vibes).

The girls, my girls. A treasure to keep. When you find these kind of friends that you can share everything with and the connection is just overwhelming. Plus the one in the middle is a true comedian, my stomach still hurts from laughing. I am blessed with the best friends, the ones that are away and the ones that came from childhood but are here to stay!

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