Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A few pics from the last few weeks

Wore my yellow dress for the first time.

Dinner, tea and mimosas at restaurant Leib.  Delicious! And the garden was lovely.

Went to the 30 Seconds to Mars concert. Loved it.
Cuddled my cat. Loved it more than he did :)

Went to see the movie "Limitless". Loved that aswell.

Loved the flowers I got for a birthday so much I could not resist taking a picture :)
Saw the first red strawberry this summer in its natural environment. Will see lots more tomorrow when I go to my grandmas.

Spent the midsummer eve in Pärnu and drank some very good mojitos.
Thank You for all these great emotions :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The world of travelling... My love for New York!

I`ve been to New York 4 times and I just LOVE that city and cant get enough! I am always delighted to go back, even if it is just for a few days. The vibe and the feeling that the city gives you... or me is indescribable. I love the variety of activities you have day or night. I love that people mind their own business. I love the endless discoveries you can make in that city or about that city. And of course I love the shopping :)

Drop-dead brilliant it was.

Enjoying the view from our hotel which was just around the corner from Times Square.

Just chillin at the central park zoo.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jones & Jones

Here is me wearing the black Jones & Jones dress that I got from London. I was determined to get one from there and I got my favourite one. I thought about getting it in cream because it would be perfect for summer and almost took the cream one but then I tried the black one on and I knew black was the one for me :)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The rest from London

And here are the rest of the things I bought from London.
River Island
Topshop ring

Ring H&M. I originally wanted a similar ring from River Island but either I have weird fingers or the sizes are weird. Size M was so big it fell off and size S was so small it got stuck. I kinda panicked and freaked out at the store when I just couldnt get it off :D

Found me a perfect yellow dress from Jane Norman.

River Island
Perfect for summer from River Island

And again River Island :)

Jones and Jones

Monday, June 13, 2011

New from London

Here are some of the things I got from London. There is more to come but these are the ones I took photos of in our lovely hotel. Wanted to capture that place as much as possible. And again... my apologies, iphone photos you know :P
River Island
KG by Kurt Geiger

Paul`s Boutique
Paul`s Boutique

Dress from River Island

Better red than dead - London

London was great as always. This time we concentrated mostly on shopping. Or at least I did, my bf had business as well. I had dinner with the lovely group on saturday evening in a cosy Italian restaurant called il Vicolo and they served very delicious pasta, mussels and one of the best tartufo nero`s I have ever had. We stayed at a very fun hotel called "Pavilion" and it was indeed a very fun hotel. The rooms did not have numbers but different names. We stayed in a room called "Better red than ded" :) They also had "Family affair", "Solitaire", "Casablanca nights", "Cosmic girl" and etc. I did not take that many pictures and the ones I did are not with good quality because I took them with my phone but here are they anyway :)

Our room
Breakfast in bed
Cozze alla marinara at the il Vicolo

Shisha`s and vegetables. Interesting combination.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Backstage at Otto shoot

I did a fun shoot for catalogue Otto yesterday and the day before that and I`ll share some photos here. I`m going to London for the weekend so there wont be any posts coming this weekend :) And my camera got smashed, so I don`t even know when I will be able to do any photos. Hopefully I`ll figure something out before London.
Morning coffe :)
Getting ready

The talented Ingrid Roose shooting the beautiful Linda Ling.

They do have some amazing dresses...

With beautiful Alisa 

Almost the whole team at the end of the first day, Linda is missing.
Photos taken by Ingrit Rebane.