Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Maybe I should do a separate label here called Liina Stein. Because this is yet another one of her beautiful creations. And I can tell you I have more of these beauties coming. I swear to god, every time I go to her studio I get the feeling like she designs exactly for me. But about this amazing dress... how perfect is the fabric? The sleeves? Just everything! As soon as I tried it on, I knew, I was sold. And seems like everyone else loves it as much as I do, all I heard yesterday when wearing it was "oh my god, I want this dress, you look like a princess, the fabric is lovely etc" (plus one weird proposal on becoming lovers...). The pictures don`t do it justice... anyone interested in becoming my photographer? :)


  1. super kena kleit. mis on tema kleitide hinnatase? :)

    1. See konkreetne oli allahindlusega 175eur. Mõne eelmise kollektsiooni pärli võib kätte saada kuskil 100eur ringis, samas uuemad siidist iludused olid 950eur. Nii et täitsa seinast-seina :)