Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September

In the beginning of every September I get that weird panicky feeling and realize that winter is just around the corner. The days get shorter and I enter survival into mode, hoping that I will make it through to next April when life becomes more bearable again. Today was beautiful though and I hope we still have a few weeks of weather like this left. But it ain`t the same anymore... the sun is warm, yes, but the air smells like autumn and the wind says autumn. Anyway, here are a few shots of my beautiful 1st of September.

Dress: Zara

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

At the Laitse Castle

I`m back in black. Well, I`ve always loved black but in the summer it just seems like a sin to wear black. So the good thing about the fall for me is: guilt-free #allblackeverything days! And what about these wellies? I remember buying them last year and regretting it at the same moment because they were quite pricey and I don`t see myself as the wellie-kind-of-girl. But they do look more like boots and these days, they are basically the only thing you can see on my feet.
About this beautiful location... Laitse Castle. Just a short drive away, great atmosphere and simple but good food. They offer accommodation too. And you can rent some classic cars. Do I have an idea in my head for my birthday or do I have an idea in my head for my birthday?! Maybe I should do a new label here that directs you to the posts about manors and castles as I am obsessed with them lately. There is definitely a huge connection between me and manors, I just love them!

Leather jacker: Zara
Dress: Asos
Wellies: Supertrash

Friday, August 22, 2014

The dress...

Still cant get over these lovely handmade headpieces, if I had my way, I would have them in every colour! Also, I would wear them every day. And with this magical dress.. they make a killer combo! When I saw this dress, I was hesitating a bit, and did`nt buy it at first. But it got under my skin, so we had to go back to the shop the other day and the second I put it on, I knew... it was mine!

Headpiece: By Katriin
Dress: Random store in Brussels
Belt: ASOS
Bag: Stahv
Watch: Michael Kors

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Well, I surprised myself this time too. But the summer has been so magical and I tried to spend as little time as possible behind the computer. But now I`m back and full of new energy! I have a lot of posts prepared for you and let`s start this journey together again.
You can read about this outfit from here!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


wow, it is hard to get back on track once you`ve stepped off the train. No promises made, but hopefully the increase of the sunshine in this part of the world will also increase my energy to blog. 
Moving on to this headpiece... How amazing is that?! This is custom made for me but By Katriin will be more than happy to hear your preference about the colours and make one of these eye catchers for you aswell! I got one in red too! Be sure to check out her beautiful hand-made designs.

Headpiece: By Katriin
Bag & watch: Michael Kors
Dress: Labeless

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hello July

My June through a few pictures... You were awesome! Ready for some more awesomeness that July will bring! And by the looks of it the weather is getting better too. Estonian summer... You have been long awaited! June gave me amazing days in the countryside with my girls, gave me an amazing trip to Riga and gave me Kadi for a few days. June, you did good!

Monday, June 30, 2014

A few days...

Already this post seems like a blast from the past. Anyhow, I got my computer back finally and can shoot some posts your way very soon. Until then I`ll leave you with a few shots from June, which was amazing!
This outfit post from Riga is on your way too. Fell in love with Riga allover again and hope to be back soon. Thank god it`s a short drive away and I do love to drive, so my bet is I`ll be there in July again. Perfect getaway. And how gorgeous is my new headpiece?!
Yes, I went to the Kings of Leon concert and it was splendid.  Realized why I fell in love (a lot of falling on that trip, I notice now) with their music years ago in the first place. And of course the good company I was with. Surrounded by beautiful people every day. 
Bliss. Estonian summer at it`s finest. Although it is`nt that warm yet, I just can`t help but appreciate this awesomeness surrounding us.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mellow yellow

Well... working with this computer of mine is... Let`s just say you`ll never know what you`ll get. Not fun at all! Enough about that. Another obsession of mine besides skulls and the colour red, are colours black, blue and yellow. Sometimes I even surprise myself. This dress was the first of many yellow additions to my wardrobe and I have many more to show you! In case I don't get my computer back before Monday then I'll wish you a fun and adventurous Midsummer Day!

Dress: Jane Norman
Belt: Asos
Shoes: Asos
Watch: Michael Kors

Monday, June 16, 2014

The lady of the manor

I have discovered that I have a noblewoman living inside of me. I just love the noble feeling and calmness you get in a manor or near them. This beautiful manor was our discovery the last time we drove to our countryside. And we got so many beautiful photos that I really had to restrain myself not to overload you with these images. For that I have to be thankful for my photographer Egle. I also have a love for big hats, so when I saw this at the store, there was no question whether to buy it or not. And lately I`ve become obsessed with the colour red too. Anything red catches my eye immediately and makes me want to wear it! 

Introducing my photographer who`s responsible for these beautiful shots. You`ll be seeing lots of her work in this blog from now on I think :) The talented and beautiful Egle Loit!

Hat: H&M
Dress: Lipsy
Watch: Michael Kors

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Expressions 10 years

Well this is long overdue but here is my little glimpse of this event. I had the pleasure of attending the magnificent birthday party celebrating Expressions 10 years! And magnificent it was! It took place in the Kadriorg palace and it was just beautiful. The theme was Marie Antoinette and most of the guest had gone through the trouble and dressed according to the dress code. Our outfits were chosen from our own closets and as one of the reporters commented, we do have a princess living in us!

Zenka definitely got the most attention this time again :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hello June

So... I told you I would`nt stay away for long! It feels way too weird to say hello June but here it goes anyway! It has been amazing so far and I have a feeling good things are about to come this way. I`ve been feeling like myself again these past weeks and this little rest did me much good. Feeling like my happy self. And got the motivation back aswell. Here are some shots from May. Our summer at the flower house has been officially opened, we have spent two amazing weekends there and a great weekend at Pärnu too. Wish you all more of happy days like these were! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hello, my darlings.. Hope you are having an awesome weekend! I have a little announcement to make. I will take a rest from blogging, life has got in the way and I just feel that I don`t have the energy at the moment. I`m pretty sure I can`t stay away for too long and maybe I`ll start again next week or next month. Until then, those of you who are interested can keep up with me on instagram (my username is marilinkaareste). Hope to get my inspiration back soon. 
Until then... have fun!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello May

Well, I am alive (and a bit ashamed too!) and hello May seems kind of awkward to say as almost half of May is over but still... hello May! Battling with everyday life got the best of me right after I came back from my trip. But I promise to be better from now on as I do have more free time on my hands (can`t say I`m too happy about that, but that`s life I guess). Also a longer post  about the trip is on the way too, it was awesome! Plus a little giveaway in the making with some exotic goodies from Dominican Republic, so stay tuned!

April in my instagram.
Those of you who follow me on instagram have already seen a few shots from my vacation.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh wow

My solution (I`m sure I`m not the only one) when your hair goes all crazy and plays hooplaa (I`m yet again sure, it`s not a real word) on you? Wear a hat or even better, a turban! And how amazing is this turban with the net detail? The only problem is your eyelashes get a little bit stuck in the net, but it`s oh-so-amazing that I really don`t mind walking around looking a bit disturbed. And then there is the story of these jeans... I`m still not sure I like them yet. I`ve wanted a good pair of boyfriend jeans for a very long time. So when I tried some different tappered (basically, it`s the same loose fit) models on at the G-star store I kind of made my decision but decided to check their online store too. And on the picture they looked damn good. And they were on sale, so no questions asked and no shipping paid, I ordered them. When they arrived... well, like I said, I`m still not sure. They don`t look as good as they looked on the official pictures (or maybe they just don`t fit me) but they are not bad either. But either way, I`m still looking for my perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. And the Micheal Kors bag... I have had dreams about this bag. Finally mine!
Oh wow, I don`t think I`ve never talked so much in any of my posts. Progress.

Turban: Asos
Blazer: Zara
T-shirt: Marella
Belt: River Island
Jeans: G-Star
Bag: Michael Kors
Heels: Zara