Monday, June 29, 2015

For the love of Malta...

So, the second post about Malta, containing mainly photos. Also, if you are there, try out the Argentinian steakhouse Meet! I had the Lomo 'Maradona' and it was superdelicious.
Watching these makes me want to go somewhere again. And soon! Already searching for new destinations and ideas. Where would you want to go?

St. Peter`s Pool. A short drive away is this beautiful natural pool (well, everything is a short drive away in Malta).

My bunny, my Maria!
Mdina. A very lovely, very historical town.

Every day view when walking back from the beach. Oh, how I miss this.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Blues

The jumpsuit saga continues! Found this perfect blue one in Barcelona. I think I like them mainly because they are not high maintenance, just throw in nice shoes (works great with flats and heels) and some jewellry and you are good to go! And it works perfectly during daytime and nighttime. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos.

Jumpsuit: Elogy

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Since my beloved photographer lives in Malta for now, outfit posts will be more rare. But I have`nt shared with my Malta photos yet, I`ll fix this mistake right away! So what are my thoughts on Malta... I loved it! Of course one of the big reasons is because my Maria is there now but for other reasons too! It was lovely! Although very small (I think the farthermost sign I saw, was 23km and that was another island), it is very beautiful and it does not seem so small at all. A little rocky, there are only a few sandy beaches but you get used to the idea that sunbathing is done on a rocky surface quickly, plus there are many beachclub`s. Spending there a week is enough in my opinion, you can do a little sightseeing and sunbathing in that time with no problems. All in all for me it was a mixture of Italy, Spain and Israel for some reason. And yes, I definitely want to go back!
Happy Midsummer to everyone! Have fun! 
Marsaxlokk. I think this was the highlight for me, there was just something magical about this little fishermans village. It was just so adorable! Rent a car and visit this little village for sure!
The food... Delicious! Lot`s of fresh seafood and the local Maltese food is worth tasting too!
The beautiful Blue Lagoon, this photo has no filter, so the water was actually this blue! You can take a boat to the Comine island and spend a few hours there sunbathing and exploring the caves (or maybe even a night, there is a hotel on the island aswell).
Spinola Bay, St. Julian`s. This is more or less where I stayed and as I have heard it is the best location to be at.
Exploring Valletta. You can`t help but fall in love with all of Malta!
The amazing Blue Lagoon, Comino.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Black and lace

... the ultimate perfection. And if it is a jumpsuit... just pure love! I have kind of grown this obsession for jumpsuits lately. I go shopping and they are the only things that catch my eye. Going to the restroom is fun of course too. I found this lovely thing from Zara in Malta. Is it just me or the variety of clothes and shoes has gone down in the Zara stores in Tallinn? I used to go there and have my eye on a lot of things but now when I go there... nothing, just nothing. And yes, I do love the much hated Michael Kors bags!

Monday, June 15, 2015

My Barcelona vol 2

I`m back from Malta and ready for the next chapter! Before we can get to posts about my trip and other things, here is the second post about Barcelona. Can I please go back!? Right now? Oh for the love of travelling... 

The very crowded La Rambla, still lonved it though!