Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I`m sure most of you have visited Sfäär already and it needs no introduction whatsoever but still. One of my personal new favourite places for lunch! The interior is simple yet charming, the food is absolutely delicious, basically everything I have tried there is yum! And the service is great, the staff can be a bit "airheady" (I`m sure it`s not even a real word) but don`t get me wrong, I don`t mean it in a bad way, they are absolutely adorable there! And they have a store right there too! So after a couple of glasses of wine shopping can be really fun. They sell brands like Acne Jeans, Comme des Garcons, MiNU and many others. So if you have`nt already, be sure to visit this place!

Warm chicken salad with poached egg, pan - fried potatoes, bacon and pineapple - yoghurt sauce (7,50euros). Just delicious!
Bruschetta with goat cheese, honeyed pear and blackcurrant liqueur marinated beetroot (7euros). One of the best combos of goat cheese and beetroot I have ever gotten!

Cake of the day - Pavlova (3euros). A really huge portion of deliciousness. For me it was even a bit much but still so good!
Cake of the day no2 (3euros) - ... well, this is embarrassing, how do you call it? Cookie-cake? Anyway you get the point. And it tasted good as well!

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