Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh wow

My solution (I`m sure I`m not the only one) when your hair goes all crazy and plays hooplaa (I`m yet again sure, it`s not a real word) on you? Wear a hat or even better, a turban! And how amazing is this turban with the net detail? The only problem is your eyelashes get a little bit stuck in the net, but it`s oh-so-amazing that I really don`t mind walking around looking a bit disturbed. And then there is the story of these jeans... I`m still not sure I like them yet. I`ve wanted a good pair of boyfriend jeans for a very long time. So when I tried some different tappered (basically, it`s the same loose fit) models on at the G-star store I kind of made my decision but decided to check their online store too. And on the picture they looked damn good. And they were on sale, so no questions asked and no shipping paid, I ordered them. When they arrived... well, like I said, I`m still not sure. They don`t look as good as they looked on the official pictures (or maybe they just don`t fit me) but they are not bad either. But either way, I`m still looking for my perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. And the Micheal Kors bag... I have had dreams about this bag. Finally mine!
Oh wow, I don`t think I`ve never talked so much in any of my posts. Progress.

Turban: Asos
Blazer: Zara
T-shirt: Marella
Belt: River Island
Jeans: G-Star
Bag: Michael Kors
Heels: Zara

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