Friday, April 4, 2014

My days in Brussels

So, a little overview about my getaway to Brussels. Went there to see my queen B and had a great time. Like I said before, even if it is just for a few days, it so good to get away! As for Brussels... it greeted me with an incredible weather (+20, felt like summer), beautiful city, good food and then B trying to kill me by making me walk a hundred kilometers a day! But it was beautiful, I`m not sure if it was that beautiful that I would want to live there (I always measure the places like that, how much would I want to live in that city) but I would definitely love to visit this city again. And then of course there was Brugge... a very lovely city! Definitely a must! Reminded me a bit of Tallinn`s old town but it had more of a special feel to it. Anyhow... pictures tell more than a thousand words! 
Have a great weekend!

Good food, good wine... A very important part of my travels! :)

How to trap a white girl? Starbucks!

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