Monday, April 7, 2014

Casually in spring

As you can see I have given up dressing according to the weather. Then again, I have never been that good at it anyway. Freezing my butt off but I am just so sick and tired of coats, sweaters, boots and everything else warm. The thing I am not tired of is the sun! As for this outfit, I kind of wanted a denim shirt for a long time but then again I was`nt too sure I would even wear it. Until I found this perfect one in a random shop in Brussels. Add a small dose of shiny stones to a shirt and I am in anytime! And I got myself a perfect pair of aviator sunglasses (that you cannot see in these pictures, but don`t worry, I`ll be wearing them a lot!).

Denim shirt: from Brussels
Bag & watch: Michael Kors
Boots: MariaMoro


  1. See pluus on väga vinge! :)

  2. Peaks ka oma teksapluusi kapinurgast üles otsima, sellel on täpselt samuti kivikesed krae ääre peal ja see annab minu arust nii palju juurde (: Ja nagu alati, näed Sa suurepärane välja!