Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hello Mummu, hello July! Got the obvious nickname "Mummu" at work a few days ago with this outfit. Some days it seems inspiration and motivation have joined forces and have decided to leave mu presence. But I think they came back with todays heat. I love it! Can`t wait for the weekend as I am stuck in the office at the moment.
I am kind of struggling here with the blog aswell... what outfits are interesting enough and a little writers block too it seems, deciding that everyday outfits are ok too. Anyhow, as you understood, this is what I wore to work a few days ago, a bit more casual. I was very sleepy that morning!

Sunglasses: Vintage Carrera via The House of Vintage Frames
Top: Mohito
Bag: Zara
Jeans & belt: River Island
Shoes: Michael Kors

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