Monday, July 6, 2015


I don`t have any particular feelings about Monday. You know like how some people passionately hate Monday`s? Day like any other to me. But I woke up today morning feeling just really good. The feeling of having an awesome and fun weekend behind me but coming to work rested enough... Gratefulness level is at it`s high at the moment!
Also, if you are in Pärnu and you like seafood, Kalamajakas is a must! Simple but super delicious and the price range is great too! They don`t have a menu up in the internet, so the prices I put here may differ a bit. Also, if you don`t eat fish at all, then there is nothing for you in the menu except desserts.

The shrimps, yum! Really well cooked (~5,5eur).

Flatfish (~12eur). Could have been really delicious but was a little undercooked.

Tuna (12eur). Worked really well the simple salad and was perfectly cooked.

Smoked bream (8,5eur). Best of the best, in my opinion the most delicious one of our meals. And the potatos with the mayo.... yumyumyum!

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