Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Barcelona

And here comes my first post about Barcelona. I fell in love with the city right away. You know how some places just get to you? You step out of the airport and you just know you are going to love it? I`ve had that with Barcelona, New York and... well, every part of Italy basically! I definitely want to go back, because there is so much more to be discovered and on these few days I spent there, we did some of the tourist things, but mostly we just wandered around the city and enjoyed every minute of it! The weather was perfect, the food was delicious (not that hard for me, as I am a huge fan of seafood), the people lovely and the city beautiful! The amount of tourists was too much, I don`t know if it was thanks to the Formula 1 that was held there next weekend or just the vibes of the city but at times it was a little annoying. Especially if you have planned going to Sagrada Familia and you arrive there at 12am, stand in line (not a long one, thankfully) and then they tell you that they only sell tickets for 7pm entrance... And the hopes of getting into Park Güell were zero.
We also took a short train ride to discover Sitges, a lovely resort, about 30 minutes from Barcelona. Definitely worth considering if you are planning a beach holiday in Europe!
And of course Gaudi... Casa Batlló. We didn`t check in there because, well, the line was about 2 kilometres long. But one can already imagine how amazing the interior must be!
A perfect little street, one of many!
Ohh... and the market... It might actually get a post of it`s own because the photos I got there... Beautiful!
Gaudi`s La Pedrera. The exterior is already mind-blowing and we checked this one out from the inside too. It held a very inspirational photography exhibition and you also got to check out one of the appartments and the rooftop. The appartment was really cool, decorated just as it would at the time.
My love for balconies...

The weather on the last day of course... but it was cool, mystical!

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