Wednesday, August 27, 2014

At the Laitse Castle

I`m back in black. Well, I`ve always loved black but in the summer it just seems like a sin to wear black. So the good thing about the fall for me is: guilt-free #allblackeverything days! And what about these wellies? I remember buying them last year and regretting it at the same moment because they were quite pricey and I don`t see myself as the wellie-kind-of-girl. But they do look more like boots and these days, they are basically the only thing you can see on my feet.
About this beautiful location... Laitse Castle. Just a short drive away, great atmosphere and simple but good food. They offer accommodation too. And you can rent some classic cars. Do I have an idea in my head for my birthday or do I have an idea in my head for my birthday?! Maybe I should do a new label here that directs you to the posts about manors and castles as I am obsessed with them lately. There is definitely a huge connection between me and manors, I just love them!

Leather jacker: Zara
Dress: Asos
Wellies: Supertrash


  1. Kuidas sa neid lokke teed? Nii kena:)

    1. Tänud :) Sellised näevad need lokitangid välja, mida mina kasutan. Ostsin need Pro Kapitalis asuvast Tradehouse`i poest.