Monday, June 30, 2014

A few days...

Already this post seems like a blast from the past. Anyhow, I got my computer back finally and can shoot some posts your way very soon. Until then I`ll leave you with a few shots from June, which was amazing!
This outfit post from Riga is on your way too. Fell in love with Riga allover again and hope to be back soon. Thank god it`s a short drive away and I do love to drive, so my bet is I`ll be there in July again. Perfect getaway. And how gorgeous is my new headpiece?!
Yes, I went to the Kings of Leon concert and it was splendid.  Realized why I fell in love (a lot of falling on that trip, I notice now) with their music years ago in the first place. And of course the good company I was with. Surrounded by beautiful people every day. 
Bliss. Estonian summer at it`s finest. Although it is`nt that warm yet, I just can`t help but appreciate this awesomeness surrounding us.

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