Wednesday, August 21, 2013


So... where to start... I always try to see the positive side of even the bad stuff. But this experience was quite bad. The only positive side was that the food itself was good. Although a bit cold when arriving to the table. And the arrival took a long time aswell. I can`t imagine how long would you have to wait for your food if the restaurant was full. Because on that night there were`nt even that many people there. The service was not the worst but I have nothing good to say about it either. I asked for bread 4 times before they brought it and by that time we had already finished our starters. They have 4 main courses on the menu and on that day they had ran out of 2 of them which to me seems just absurd. All in all... unfortunately not the best experience.

Creamy smoked cheese soup with truffle mousse & parmesan crutons (7eur). I`m a big fan of smoked cheese soup and this was delicious too although a bit cold when arriving to the table.
Pan-fried scallops with asparagus, rhubarb & watermelon salad, chilli rouille (12 eur). Same words can be said about this dish as for the soup. 
Since they didn`t have the beef tenderloin they offerd us an alternative of antrekot (18eur) which I heard was quite good.
Salmon fillet with speck ham, asparagus, radish curd, potato cream, sesame vinaigrette (13eur). I`d say the best dish we had. Very delicious!

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