Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cafe Noble

Well, it`s been far too long since I`ve done this kind of post but here it is. I can only say good things about Cafe Noble. The location is beautiful, the staff was very friendly and nice and ohh... the food... the food was absolutely delicious! Definitely a place I want to visit again and they change their menu every now and then so there is always something new to try. And with a beautiful weather... sitting on that terrace, enjoying a good meal.. what else could you ask for?! And good company of course! :)

Finnish style salmon & tiger prawn soup  (5/9 euros). You can also order half a portion which for me was perfect or even a little too much because we also took the main course. Otherwise if you take the full portion it will be a perfect meal on it`s own aswell.  And oh so good! And very filling.

Grilled filet of monkfish with star anis flavoured lobster sauce (17 euros).  Just delicious!
Fried filet of salmon a la saratagnano with chanterelle sauce (15 euros). For me, the salmon was a little undercooked but otherwise it was very tasty. And I love chanterelle`s so I could`nt say anything bad even if I wanted to.
Lunch with a view! 
Dessert plate a la Noble (6 euros). Perfect! You get a little bit of everything at a very good price I think! Perfect for sharing.

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