Monday, April 1, 2013

March through my eyes

Hello April! Feels like spring more and more every day. Plus I get to do my balcony, hope I can use it for morning coffee soon aswell. I`m leaving Estonia for a little trip in a few weeks and cant wait! March was awesome and here are some shots from March through my Instagram. Loved discovering a few new places (reviews coming soon), did  some fun photoshoots and can`t wait for the results, spent some quality time with my fabulous friends and all in all had a lot of fun! So April... please be the same or even better! :)


  1. Võiksid teha reisipostituse, et kus erinevates riikides/linnades oled käinud:) Reisijutte on ikka ja jälle nii põnev lugeda.

  2. Kas oled ka ise disaininud riideid või plaanid seda kunagi teha?

    1. Mõne asja olen ikka lasknud endale õmmelda jah ja mõtted vaikselt liiguvad selles suunas küll :)