Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I`m back from my trip to London. A perfect getaway to spring! I remember the first time I visited London (a thousand years ago, I was very young), I promised myself one day I`ll live there but then I travelled some more and fell in love with Italy and New York and forgot about London. It was my 5th time there this time and I started to fall in love with London all over again. So maybe one day.. I`ll call London my home, only  time can tell. The weather was perfect the whole time, on the night of our arrival it was +18 degrees! Lot`s of good food, a little shopping, rediscovering my love for London and an amazing Il Divo & Katherine Jenkins concert that brought tears to my eyes. 

I missed sitting in outdoor cafes, sipping a little wine, enjoying the weather and just watching people passing by.

A perfect ending to the trip, dinner at a beautiful Lebanese & Moroccan restaurant. 

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