Thursday, October 29, 2015


I had the pleasure of seeing the H&M Balmain collection tonight upclose and personal and I must say I love it. My wallet of course does not and is terrified of the 5th of november. I on the other hand, am super excited and hope I get my hands on a few pieces that I reallyreally need (ok, let`s be honest, I really don`t need anything ever again but who am I kidding!? I reallyreally want them!). I think this is my favourite of the collaborations so far. Feminine and a little over the top. Just my cup of tea! Below are a few of my favourite pieces.
I like the whole outfit but I can manage with only the top aswell.
I did`nt realize just how much I need a white blazer until I saw this one... Perfect cut, perfect buttons, perfect fit!  
And of course these thigh high boots.... my god! If they actually make it to Estonia and I can get my hands on a pair... (because I clearly don`t have enough thigh high boots!? Well the ones I own are not that high! As you can see I am having a discussion with myself here, justifying why I actually need all these beautiful items).
And of course black-and-white combo, my long time lover, toss in a little bit of red and I need these too!
I did love these velvety (I`m confident this is actually not a real word) items too but ok, fine, I don`t need them that bad.
And of course then there is the infamous blazer... The detailing on this one, wow! But with the price tag of nearly 400 euros (399 to be exact) I think I have to back away... with a very heavy heart of course.
And a little somethingsomething from the mens collection. If they carry some items in size xs, I might have to give them a try too.  
This was just a pretty sight for sore eyes.

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