Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Cheers to all the food lovers. I love going out to eat (don`t get me wrong, I love home made food just as much but since I`m living alone at the moment, eating out happens more often, and is probably cheaper too. Not in this case though). Especially if it is such a nice place as Tuljak. Recently opened, it is definitely a must. Starting with the excellent service, beautiful location (damn I did`nt go there sooner, when the terrace would have been oh-so-perfect) and veryvery good food!
The interior is very nice and cozy. And like I said, the service was excellent. Loved every minut of the 2 hours spent there. Definitely going back soon to try other things on the menu aswell.

Our snacks from left to right: Green mussels (6 eur), Josper`s Oysters (15eur) and smoked ham with peanut mustard (6ur). Smoked ham was by far my favourite, it just melts in your mouth. And together with the peanut mustard and onions... Simple, but amazing! The oysters were another great surprise (I`m not a big fan of oysters to begin with) but they were cooked, so they were actually very tasty to me. But I think to a person who loves them the way they are, it might not taste so good.

A very happy girl at dinner looking weird and all.

Atlantic cod (18eur). Excellent! Just..yes, I have no words. Perfectly cooked and sooo delicious!

Octopus (18) with risotto. Again, a great choice. Loved every bite of it.

Eclair (6) with chanterreles, caramel sauce and chocolate. Decided to try something interesting for a change. My first choice would have been the tiramisu, which is said to be the most popular out of the desserts. At first, I was a little intimidated by the chanterelles but with no need. They actually gave a very nice flavour to the whole thing. Although I must say, to me the eclair seemed a little too dry.

Strawberries (6eur) with curd cream and mint. Seemed a bit boring choice to me, when my dinner date ordered it, but boy, was I wrong. Super creamy and super delicious.

Like I said... in the summer, on the terrace... amazing views!

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