Friday, March 6, 2015

First of the 2015

Wow, it`s hard to get back on track. I`ve been planning to start blogging again for a while now (from the beginning of January to be exact), realising, you have to to what you really want to do in life. Those who think less of you, will do it anyway. But wow, once you get off the saddle.. But here I am, hoping to still have some of you here waiting for me :) And it feels kind of strange to do the "oh-what-2014-brought-me" and "the-best-of-2014" posts, so I`ll just skip them and start freshly. Plus those of you who want to, can keep up with me through Instagram, I swear I am a little bit better at updating there. Anyhow, it feels good to be back and have a great weekend!

Fedora: Aldo
Jacket: Ebene by Patrick Assuline
Belt: Morgan de toi
Pants: Amisu
Bag: Fiorelli
Boots: Högl


  1. Super, et jälle blogi avatud!! carry on!!

    1. Very many thanks! :) Oli vist õige otsus jah :)

  2. Mul on samuti väga hea meel, et blogis uued sissekanded on. Olete väga kaunis naine ning blogi pildid on alati nii ilusad ja inspireerivad :)

    1. Nii tore on ilusaid sõnu lugeda, suured suured tänud! Päev kohe palju ilusam :)