Thursday, October 17, 2013

Alter Ego

As some of you know (mainly those who follow me on instagram) I had my birthday last week . And what a better way to spend it than in a good restaurant with the best company! This time Alter Ego. Although I was very keen on going to Kadriorg Restaurant which has become my favourite but you gotta try new places right? Alter Ego was a good selection. The service was very nice and friendly. The menus selection is very wide and I`d say anyone can find something they would like which also made it difficult for us to choose in the beginning. The atmosphere is nice and the location is perfectly in the city center. All in all a good experience.

Starters: King prawns saute in garlic, chili and extra virgin olive oil  (8,90 eur). Tempura calamari with lemon and smoked paprika (6,50 eur). The king prawns were delicious, it`s only a shame that there were so few of them. The garlic sauce went also perfectly with the delicious tempura calamaris.
Pan fried whole calamaris with garlic and parsley sauce (9 eur). Well... I like my calamaris grilled more. But the person who ordered this starter enjoyed it.
Seafood paella (minimum for 2 persons, 16 eur per person). This was ordered for two persons but it would have even fed more because the portion was quite big. The flavours were nice but I would have loved it with more seafood (some kind of fish added would have made the dish even better).
Grilled mahi-mahi on horseradish cream, jumbo white asparagus and piquillo stuffed with shrimp brandada (16 eur). Absolutely delicious! I highly recommend this.
Grilled Atlantic grouper fillet, seaweed parmentier, caramelised onions and king prawn bisque (18 eur). The fish was tender and delicious and cooked perfectly. Although I did`nt like the combination with seaweed parmentier which is weird because I recently discovered my love for seaweed. But it just didn`t work for me in this dish. Other than that it was delicious.
Profiteroles (5,50 eur). Home-made frozen yogurt with fresh forest berries and reduction of Modena balsamic vinegar (6 eur). Poached pear in Rioja white wine and Bleu d`Auvergne cheese icecream (6 eur). Well... sometimes the pictures say more than words ever could! Although I must say the poached pear was a little underdone.

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