Monday, May 13, 2013

My never ending love...

... for Italy. I`ve been putting this post together for 3 days, going through hundreds of pictures and thousands of memories. Makes me miss Italy so much at this moment. The places I`ve seen, the food I`ve eaten... it seems I will never get enough of that lovely country! Be prepared for a picture bomb!
Venice. Did`nt love Venice the first time I was there, it was raining. Did`nt love it the second time either, too hot (well, hot Italian summer... duh!) and too many tourists (summer!). But the third time was a winner. Stayed there overnight and got to take long endless walks in the empty streets in the night... Perfection!
Ahhhh.... Italian food!!!
Milan. The last time I was in Milan I had a little more time and opportunity to explore this lovely city. Dinner in Brera, discovering Navigli... Brera is a beautiful historic quarter with many nice restaurants and Navigli is a bit more of a nightlife area by the canals. 
Rome. Rome was my favourite for a very long time and I guess I can say it still is. There`s just that special something... the architecture, the best street restaurants, the shopping...
The most amazing restaurants with the most amazing views! This one in particular was in Ravello.
Ohhh the gelato!
San Remo. I got attached to San Remo a few years ago and it still has the magic touch that makes me want to go back each time!
Ristorante Maona. The best in San Remo!
Como. I prefer Como to Garda although they are both breathtaking! And how about this view from our hotel window? Unreal!
Riomaggiore. The most magical little village of Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre consists of five villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. You can`t drive through them with a car. But you can hike.. Exhausting but totally worth it. Riomaggiore stole my heart! 
Porto Venere. 

The view to Porto Venere
Walking on the streets of Porto Venere.
The amazing views from Ravello.
Vernazza. Cinque Terre
At the La Spezia market on a Saturday morning with the locals. 
A very tanned and a very happy girl in 2010.

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