Saturday, May 25, 2013


I went to restaurant Lusikas to celebrate a birthday and we had a lovely time. The staff was very friendy and easy-going, the atmosphere was lovely, the prices were good and most of the food was delicious! I definitely recommend this place!
Mussels. It was that evenings special dish so it`s not on the menu on a daily basis. And I can`t remember the price. It was good but nothing special, I don`t believe I have even tasted great mussels anywhere in Tallinn but that might be because I will always compare them with the ones I`ve tasted in Italy.
Grilled prawns with smoked mushrooms (9 euros). Now this dish was amazing! Also sorry for the bad picture, it was so good that it was gone in seconds, before I realized to even take a picture. The smoked mushrooms really had that smoky flavour and together with the prawns... ahhhh, heaven!
Panfried cod with onion cream and leek saute (13 euros) was also very good. We also had beef and pork too but I think my cod was the best one out of the main dishes.
Apple tart (4 euros). Very delicious, simple apple tart. 
Rosmarine creme brule (3,50 euros). I actually had the chocolate fondat but I would have prefered the creme brule over the fondant. Delicious!

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