Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My hair care

Some of you have asked about my hair and how I take care of it. So here is a short introduction of the products I love and use. I colour it about twice a year and highlights only, so this is more or less my natural colour, plus in the summertime it gets much lighter thanks to the sun (by the way, I miss You sun!) I try not to blow-dry or straighten it often and I let it dry naturally. Plus the blow-drying always drives me nuts because it takes a loooooong time. And I try not to wash it too often, around 2-3 times a week, 2 on a normal basis and 3 when I have some modelling jobs. 

My favourites! Great price and quality ratio. Perfect for everyday use! They leave my hair silky and smooth, especially when I use the treatment too!

Lovelovelove Alterna products. They are quite pricey but they did miracles for my hair when I started going from dark brown back to my natural blonde a few years ago.

When the ends get brittle then C:EHKO (Ewald C:ehko Energy Intensive Care Balsam Fluid Plus) comes to my rescue. A couple of drops and it does wonders. About the coconut oil... well Grete did a good post about it in her blog so I will not rewrite it and there is a great video too! And I use it the same way anyway.
Images via Tradehouse.


  1. Põnev - poleks uskunud et Rich sarja mainid aga Alternast olen ennemgi palju head kuulnud - peab proovima :) Ahjaa, kas sa vitaminne ka sööd ja ehk näitad meile oma tumedamatest juustest mõnda pilti ;) igaljuhul su juuksed on imetlusväärsed ...pean tunnistama, et olen veidi kade :)
    Päikest ;)

  2. Tõesti üliilusad juuksed. Rich meeldib mulle ka, teisi tooteid pole proovinud.