Friday, March 22, 2013


I eat out quite a lot (mainly for lunch, dinner I like to make at home) so I`ve made it my mission to try out new places. Otherwise I always go to the same places and never discover anything new. Anyhow, here was my first try and yesterday I went to 3Sibulat. It has the same owners as Moon, which is also one of my old favourites so I knew it would not be a disappointment. And true it was! The food was delicious, the place itself was lovely and the staff friendly. But make sure to book a table as it is quite busy theses days, we were lucky enough and got the last free table.
The smell is divine!
Shell-baked scallops with chilli and ginger aioli. Absolutely delicious! I have`nt been a fan of scallops for long but tried them once in Italy and oh well... the rest is history. These were heavenly and I`m definitely going back even if it is just for the scallops!
Chicken schnitzel with pearl couscous, sugar snap peas and  parsley and garlic butter. The chicken was lovely and the butter on top gave it an extra kick of deliciousness.
Estonian pike perch with Muscat pumpkin and ginger pureè, potato and pickled vegetables. It was good but for my taste it was lacking a little bit of seasoning.
We were too full to have dessert and that`s a shame because desserts are my favourite part of the meal!

Are you even interested in these kind of posts or should I keep my love for food just to myself? :)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Jätka samas vaimus :) ma olen olnud 3 aastat Eestist eemal ja ei tea kus asub mis ja mida pakutakse, rääkimata nimedest. Päris hea ettekujutus tekib kui palju asju muutunud on ning mida tasub kaeda :) Võiksid teha uuesti projekti "photo a day" . Nii mõnigi siin välismaa lugeja, tee pilte Eesti ilusamatest paikadest, õigemini, mis inspireerivad või pakuvad hingerahu :)

  2. I like! I've been searching for a blogger who'd give reviews on Estonian restaurants, but haven't found one. This could be a nice addition to your great blog. If it isn't too much to asked for, maybe you could talk about prices too?