Saturday, February 16, 2013

What`s in my bag

Lately my "everyday" bag is the Michael Kors my mum (I mean Santa) bought me :)
When I have my Pentax camera with me.
And when I don`t have the camera with me. I don`t carry it with me everyday. Other stuff is mainly the basics.. A pair of leather gloves and my Karen Millen wallet. Sunglasses from Me Looks Good in case the sun comes out. A pear in case I need a quick bite although that does`nt come with me every day either. Hand lotion for my dry skin. Phone, car key, concealer and Clinique lip balm. And e-shihsa for my nervous moments :)

1 comment:

  1. Sellis jõuluvana vajaks ise ka :D - hoian ise kotis pähkleid, et vajadusel oleks midagi ampsata ja no lastega ringiliikudes on minu koti sisu märksa kirjum :D igaljuhul ilus ja elegantne kott ning sobib sulle ideaalselt.