Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maui no1

So I finally managed to go through some of the Maui pictures and here comes the first post, Jeeei! Fits perfectly to this cold winter day..
First day driving around the island and I felt like... (dont wanna curse here). I had some kind of a rash and I felt really sick and bad. Thankfully it got better after a few days.
There were some really amazing views along the way.
Our hotel, The Grand Wailea. A really beautiful hotel. And even stars stay there, I saw Paris Hilton strutting around.

The sunsets were breathtaking.
My fav little creatures. It was a pleasure to sunbathe while watching them run around the pool.
The nature was amazing. The plants that we grow in pots here were just growing there wild and free. And everywhere! Just beautiful!
I will def miss those sunsets.

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