Monday, August 8, 2011

The luxury of Monaco and Cannes

One more post about the vacation coming after this one and then I`m done and we can move forward :) So... Monaco and Cannes, what can I say... Both one of the most luxurious places and both so fabulous that you cant help but to wish to go back. And I must say Cannes made quite an impression. I`ve been there once when I was younger but I don`t remember much so it was all new to me. And I definitely want to go back. Enjoy my selection of pics.

Loads of fancy cars in Monaco.. I cant help but post some of my personal favourites.
And oh so many of them still hide in my dreams folder..

Breakfast a la French :)
Roberto Cavalli`s yacht in Cannes.

Cirque du Soir in Cannes. They had a pretty impressive list of performers at the Palais club.

The best crepes with tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese.

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