Monday, March 28, 2016

Embassy of Champagne & good food

The Champagne offer By Embassy of Champagne is valid in the various restaurants until the end of March, so you still have a few days to take advantage of this deal. I sure did and will try to visit some of them more. 
It would be a sin not share these good experiences with you. I was really impressed with the service in Restaurant Bordoo. I had never been there before and amazingly I had the whole restaurant to myself (that was more of a lucky catch,cause I went there at a really weird time, 4 pm or something like that). But the service was so good that I will definitely go back just because of that.
The waitress: Will you be alone? Me: Hopefully not for the rest of my life!
Anyhow, she was very warm and attentive. Oh, and the food was great too!
And then I went to Restaurant Noa... I`ve always had kind of love-hate relationship with that place. Either the food is great and the service not so much for my liking (although I admit, I expect quite a lot too)or vice versa. But this time it was all great! The food was great and the service too! Plus I went yesterday which was the prettiest of days so far,weather-wise,and Noa is the best choice for sunny days like these.
Restaurant Bordoo with a glass of Veuve Clicquot rosé.

Loved the interior at Bordoo.

Deer tartare and Parmesan. Beet, quail egg and whitefish roe. Goose liver "Roche".
I really loved the tartare and the quail egg. What was great in Bordoo was that the waitress explained the perfect order in which to eat the dishes and how (first a sip of Champagne, then a bite and then a sip of Champagne again). And she really took the time with me and explained about the Champagne and the difference between regular Champagne and rosé. All in all, I really recommend this pace and if you have the oppurtunity then try this dish too.
Restaurant Noa.

A glass of Ruinart rosé'd and black angus carpaccio. And this dish also was very delicious, although more like a meal on its own, which of course is not a bad thing. And pairing it with the Champagne... it was perfect! I would have loved it, if the waiter would have also explained more about the food and Champagne but maybe this is just me being high-maintenance again. We also took desserts and well, this time everything was really good!

It was super sunny,hence the glasses.

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