Saturday, June 20, 2015

Black and lace

... the ultimate perfection. And if it is a jumpsuit... just pure love! I have kind of grown this obsession for jumpsuits lately. I go shopping and they are the only things that catch my eye. Going to the restroom is fun of course too. I found this lovely thing from Zara in Malta. Is it just me or the variety of clothes and shoes has gone down in the Zara stores in Tallinn? I used to go there and have my eye on a lot of things but now when I go there... nothing, just nothing. And yes, I do love the much hated Michael Kors bags!

1 comment:

  1. Väga kena jumpsuit! Kuna olen lühikest kasvu, siis pole ma leidnud endale veel sobivat "pikka" jumpsuiti, mul vaid lühikesed. Kuid see näeb imekena välja, sobib ideaalselt ka õhtuseks väljaminekuks!

    Terje /