Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Manna La Roosa

Manna La Roosa. The name itself is already too cool. And the atmosphere and the interior and the staff... I can speak only very highly! On the minus side, I`m not a huge fan of the food. But to me it seems to be more like a drinks place anyway. And on the weekends, good luck getting a table! As it is quite new, it is very popular and very full on weekends. But like I said, I`m a huge fan of the interior, it is so quirky in a good way and very cool. And the staff and the service, one of the best that I`ve got. They are just so friendly there. So, definitely worth a visit!

I`m not sure if they do their daily lunch offers anymore, but this is it. A few weeks ago. All in all not bad but my lasagne-thingy was cold for instance, maybe it was meant to be that way but I did`nt like it that much.
Like I said, I`m a huge fan of the interior and these pictures I did with my phone don`t really capture the awesomeness!
MannaChicken (8euros). Again, not bad and the presentation is really cool but it was in definite need of a sauce. It had none unfortunately.

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