Friday, February 21, 2014

With Buduaar at Villa Mary

I had the pleasure of taking part in Buduaar`s gourmet cooking class yesterday which took place at the beautiful Villa Mary Restaurant. Yes, it is a bit of a drive there but once you are there... magical! And in the summer when the garden area is open it`s just the place to be! And the view over the sea is breathtaking. But coming back to yesterday`s event, Buduaar organizes these kind of cooking classes every now and then so keep an eye on them and if you have a chance, take part in them! You are in small groups and each person is involved in the cooking process. And believe me, its amazing when a renowned chef teaches you something. Even if it is something as simple as making a tomato look like it does on the second picture in this post. We had/made five courses and the recipes and more coverage of the event will be up on Buduaar`s website soon and also in the magazine. Thank you Buduaar and Lilian for inviting me! It was a pleasure!

Cold tomato soup. Just beautiful. And perfect in the summer.
Scallops. My favourite! Definitely going to try to make this at home as well!
From left to right: Dessert. A classic-beetroot with goat cheese. And estragon chicken.

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