Friday, January 17, 2014


Been wanting to go to this place forever. Finally had the chance. And it was good! Salt restaurant is one of the best 50 restaurants in Estonia (8th to be exact). The place itself is quite small but very cozy and you feel just like at home. The service was very lovely and familial. The menu changes frequently and has a lot of variety. We went for lunch and I was actually having trouble on deciding what to choose. The fact that the kitchen is open makes it even better. At one point when we were waiting for our lunch I could smell the garlic and fresh herbs in the air and it gave my imagination a kick. Definitely worth a visit!

Pike perch fillet with tomatoes, kim-chi and pumpkin cream (14.50euros). A very tasty mouthful. The fish was tender and cooked perfectly. It actually could have needed a bit more seasoning or salt. But then again I think I love my salt a little too much.

Sicilian style squids and prawns stew (13.50euros). Oh-my-yum! This was very good! I mean very good! Lots of flavours, little bit spicy... yum!
A very happy girl at lunch!

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