Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013

The year of 2013 is almost over.. Cant believe how fast things can change and how time flies. I think the last two years have made a huge difference in my life and have been the years of lessons. 2013 made 2 huge personal lessons/corrections in my life, a new job - a new beginning, old friends - good times, a little bit of travelling and tons of good memories! Thank You! 2014 will be awesome! Have fun tonight and dont forget to live, laugh and love!
The new places I discovered and learned to love - Lokuta (Ahvena Talu) and Kau Manor. Some things I did the first time - yoga festival and Rummu. But all with my best girls - Maria & Britta!
The travelling. The year began in Dubai. Spring brought me to London. Summer was about countryside Finland and autumn came with Riga. 
The food... the food! Oh the food!
Some of the modeling jobs I`ve been lucky to have. All memorable and amazing!
And the outfits I have worn. Volume 1.
Volume 2.
And volume 3.
And some of the shoes that joined me... mostly black as I see now, I guess I dont photograph the colourful ones.


  1. Kõik outfitid on niiii kenad! :)

  2. Suur tänu heade sõnade eest! :) Kaunist uut aastat!