Tuesday, July 23, 2013


You could almost smell autumn in the air yesterday although summer is only halfway through. I know I`m gonna regret it as soon as I say it out loud but I kind of liked it. I like autumn. The leaves falling, nights getting darker, the evenings you can stay at home to watch a good movie in candle light... yeah, I definitely enjoy autumn. But for now, let`s enjoy the summer as much as we can, right!?

The henna I did at the yoga festival, but it`s already fading away. 

Glasses: Prestige
Shirt: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors
Rings: H&M
Bag: Furla
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Ancient old (can`t even read the brand anymore) but they`ve served me well!


  1. Väga lahe riietus aga kas sul külm ei olnud nii? prrrr :)

    1. Täiesti ok oli seekord isegi :)