Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So this is what I wanted to wear on New Years eve, but since the skirt is that long I had to change. The weather was not favoring me to wear that outfit and even at home the skirt got in the way. 
And of course I managed not to take any pics during that night so I had to quickly to the post today before leaving for our trip in Thailand.

It looks like a dress, but it`s actually 2 pieces: long skirt and a shorter dress with a big bow. Since the dress with the bow is so short that it cant not be worn on its own it can be used as a top. Just perfect.. one is too short and the other is too long :)
Bow-dress: Aqua, skirt: JustCavalli.
And this is what I ended up wearing. Dress: BikBok, shoes: Asos.


  1. Nii kaunid kleidid ja veel kaunim Sina!

  2. Lihtsalt sõnatuks võtvalt kaunis naine oled!