Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Not the best of times. In the turmoil of moving from one place to another I also managed to get a cold, so I look like a crazy Santa with the reddest nose ever! Definitely not the cameras favorite right now. Additionally the cat is driving me crazy, no sleep for 3 days and counting. I never knew that he could make such an annoying sound. Ghhhrrrr! Plus it`s a huge mess everywhere I look and the lack of energy due to the sickness and sleepless nights is not helping either. There, now I have everything that was bothering me off my chest, and we can now move on to happier subjects :) Like Christmas! Have you already started your Christmas shopping? I got a head start and already have some gifts ready for my loved ones :) A lot more to go though. Here`s some of my Christmas cravings...
To feed the shoemonster living inside of me:
via River Island

via Kandee

Have a happy December!

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