Friday, November 18, 2011

Versace for H&M

So yesterday I too went to get my share of the new collaboration between Versace and H&M. Reading today that people stood in line for 24 hours and still had to go home empty-handed I feel quite happy. I too was one of those who did not actually get what I wanted but I still got and amazing dress that I`m starting to like more and more. But I did not pay the waiting-in-line-for-hours price and also it was quite calm in the shop aswell. I went to Helsinki and when we got there around 11 am there was no queue at all. But here is the dress that I got.

This is the dress that I bought.
I didn`t get a good picture with my own camera so I`ll have to use the image provided by  H&M.

I thought about this one aswell and I was still not sure about the choice when walking to the cashiers.
But in the end  I figured that the first one I could use more often.

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