Monday, June 13, 2011

Better red than dead - London

London was great as always. This time we concentrated mostly on shopping. Or at least I did, my bf had business as well. I had dinner with the lovely group on saturday evening in a cosy Italian restaurant called il Vicolo and they served very delicious pasta, mussels and one of the best tartufo nero`s I have ever had. We stayed at a very fun hotel called "Pavilion" and it was indeed a very fun hotel. The rooms did not have numbers but different names. We stayed in a room called "Better red than ded" :) They also had "Family affair", "Solitaire", "Casablanca nights", "Cosmic girl" and etc. I did not take that many pictures and the ones I did are not with good quality because I took them with my phone but here are they anyway :)

Our room
Breakfast in bed
Cozze alla marinara at the il Vicolo

Shisha`s and vegetables. Interesting combination.

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