Monday, March 14, 2011

The world of travelling... My love for Italy!

My love for Italy has been there for a long time. I`ve been there 4 times and just cant get enough. The first time was a very uncomfortable school-trip there with a bus... but I still fell in love with it`s culture, climate, food, people etc. The last time I was there was last summer when I went with my boyfriends and with some very good friends so my affection just grew stronger :) Pictures tell more than a thousand words so I`ll tell You my italian love-story in pictures... enjoy :)
The perfect drink for summer

A lovely romantic restaurant in Venice
The purrfect cat-mask for me :)
The amazing Riomaggiore, my personal favourite!
The moonlight over Portovenere
The best restaurant in San Remo
Enjoying the last gelato in Italy :)
Beautiful Ravello

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