Saturday, October 30, 2010

The world of travelling... My love for Madagascar!

One of the most special places I have ever been to is definitely Madagascar! The climate, the animals, the nature, the people... everything was most enjoyable. I will not write here about information that You can find in the internet by yourself. I will show You my experience through my pictures. I went there with my lovely mother and we used, in my opinion, one of the best travelling companies in Estonia, Albion Reisid. They are quite pricey but they are worth every penny!

Baobab avenue 

Our lovely hotel Vakona Lodge in the Perineti rainforest.


Paradise beaches at St.Marie island
View from our hotel room in St.Marie island.

The food was absolutely delicious!

Especially the seafood :)

Sifaka lemur.
The capital Antananarivo

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